BRUSHES 100% natural goat hair brushes.

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  • Flat bronzer brush

    Use for all-over base application with medium to full coverage when using Pressed based or Loose base

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  • Lip Definer Brush

    A natural lip brush for velvety-soft lip color application. This unique brush actually collapses on command for clean and easy travel use.

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  • Ultra Brush

    glominerals signature brush, engineered exclusively for use with Pressed and Loose base. Dense ultra-soft hair offers a seamless all-over medium to full base application. Also try using the ultra to achieve generous coverage with Bronze or Dust 24K.

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  • Texture Brush

    This brush is ideal for creating soft layers of shimmer or adding texture to your makeup. The flat top and white synthetic bristles are well-suited for lightweight application while the dark, natural bristles retain more pigment for a heavier application.

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  • Blender Brush

    Our fullest head is perfect for Bronze application or all-over blending.

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  • Cream Blush Brush

    The best brush to properly blend Cream Blush to achieve a smooth and even application.

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  • Angled Blush Brush

    An artist’s favorite for blush application. The angled blush brush works to enhance contours of the cheekbones and facial structure. While this brush is ideal for blush application, we also recommend the angled blush brush to contour the face. Try using Pressed or Loose base in one to two shades deeper than the shade used on the rest of the face.

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  • Blush Brush

    A traditional style blush brush designed for light shading or color enhancement of the cheek area.

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  • Fan Brush

    A fine brush designed for delicate blush, bronze and shimmer application. Ideal for precision highlighting and shading.

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  • Crease Brush

    Named for its specific function, the crease brush is designed for effortless contour in the eye crease.

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