24 K Gold jamela under eye masks (5)


Jamela 24k Gold Under-Eye Masks are the ultimate luxurious treat for your skin, offering the additional benefits of active ingredients intended to meet the specific needs of the delicate eye area


The skin around the eyes is up to 10 times thinner than the skin on the face, with considerably less oil glands, resultingly, being the first area to become dehydrated. Using the most beautiful natural ingredients from Europe and Asia, our development chemists have combined Eastern aesthetics with western technology to combat the problems of under eye puffiness, tired dehydrated eyes and dark circles. A favourite with celebrities and flight crews to keep their eyes refreshed, a “must have” travel essential in Aer Lingus in-flight brochure, these amazing masks are endorsed by skin care specialists, doctors and beauty experts as to their quality and effectiveness. Used as a “miracle eye treatment” in premier spas, showing immediate results after using the masks for just 30 minutes, the potent, cool masks are ideal whether working on the computer, preparing for a night out or travelling.
Non animal tested. Halal certified. Containing no animal oils nor synthetic fragrances.

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