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You wake up in the morning and look out the window and see the rain and all you want to do is snuggle back into your bed and stay under warm blanket.  But you need to get up and rush into that meeting on Monday morning. You need to put make up on but facing the little challenge of it stay on with the venturing out into the rain.  We have some Make Up tips to help you with this.

Our Rain Proof Make up Tips.

  1. Our first tip is an important one the Primer. It will not only give you a flawless base for your foundation but will make your foundation stay longer. Our favourite is Transparent Face Primer because it is perfect for all skin types and works with all skin tones.
  2. Next step is your foundation. When it comes to foundation colour-matching is key! You don’t want a different shade of skin shining through where the rain drops land.
  1. Your look doesn’t feel complete without the blush. Pick the Cream Blush Pick the right shade, wear it and watch as it sticks with you like a best friend. It is easy to blend if they do happen to get patchy due to rain drops.
  1. Your eyes are next. Rainy day makeup is best kept as simple as possible. If you do want some colour on your eyes, as with your blusher, stick to cream formulas. Our cream stay shadow sticks are perfect for the job! One way to protect your lashes is to use a non-waterproof mascara first, then follow it with the waterproof mascara [so] the first layer acts as a buffer.
  1. One of the last of our makeup tips is don’t forget to set your makeup! We recommend hydration mist, specially formulated to instantly hydrate and soothe the skin. Use this multi- tasking mist before and after makeup application.
  2. Pack Accordingly. If you really want your makeup to look flawless once you’ve made it through the rain, bring the essentials with you.  Your eyeliner, compact and lipstick won’t take much room in your purse and it may sound too obvious don’t forget your umbrella.

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