Whether you call it a winged eye, cat eye, or something else entirely- the classic, elongated eyeliner look is one that’s been around forever and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It’s a classic look that can be worn at any time, from days at work to nights on the town. The cat eye is a staple that everyone should (and can!) master in their lifetime. But as we know, this is much easier said than done. We tracked down our Senior Global Makeup Artist and Educator, Janeena Billera, to get the top tips for creating this look with easy.


Liquid Ink: For creating precise, sharp lines with rich, bold color. Our Liquid Ink formula is incredibly long wear, which is great when you have the perfect line but can make cleanup difficult

Pencil: For softer lines; this creamy pencil formula is much more forgiving meaning easier cleanup

Powder Shadow: For a smokey, blended line, use powder shadow with Dual Brow/ Liner Brush

Cream Stay Shadow Sticks: For an on-the-go application, trust Cream Stay Shadow Sticks to get the job done; for a more precise line, use with Dual Brow/ Liner Brush


Cat Eye / Winged Eye: Your traditional look with a noticeable wing on the end

Kitten Eye: A variation of the classic but with a shorter wing

Tightline: An ultra thin line that’s just barely visible on the lid

Dramatic: Uses a much thicker wing, perfect for dressing up an eye statement

Double: A more creative approach that features two wings

Smudged: A cross between a cat eye and a smokey eye

Colored: Try out any of these looks with a shade other than black!


Connect the Dots: Likely one of, if not the most used technique for beginners.

  • Take your eyeliner of choice and place a small dot as close to your lash line as possible, where the iris starts near the inner part of your eye.
  • Continue adding dots along your lash line at the center of your pupil, at the end of your iris and at the end of the white of your eye.
  • Then work upwards and place dots where you want the wing to start and stop.
  • Finally, connect each of the dots and fill in any gaps.

Tape: Another incredibly easy method that will give you a straight line, every time. If you’re looking to eventually advance your skills, we don’t recommend this option but we promise we won’t judge you either way.

  • Place a piece of tape (sticky note, credit card, scotch tape, etc.) along the corner of your eye and trace.
  • Remove tape and voilà!

Free Hand: The most advanced option out there. Even as a pro, this option is likely only used once you’ve mastered the other techniques and are comfortable with cleanup.

Pro Tip: No matter which method you choose, start with a pencil to create a guideline to follow. You’ll be able to fill in gaps and create shape with a forgiving, easy to clean formula, while also ensuring your look lasts all day or night.


Q Tips: Always have POINTED q-tips on hand to quickly and easily fix any mistakes. Simply saturate with water or makeup remover and trace over the areas you want to remove.

Concealer: Another trick is to use concealer and a small concealer brush to swipe over and clean up any mistakes.

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